Current palette

It’s taken me a while, but I have come up with a watercolor palette, in my travel tin, that I really like. I’m tthinking of coming up with a limited palette, of three primary colors, to use for Inktober. Today I’m feeling Ultramarine Blue, Quinachridone Rose, and Hansa Yellow Medium. Can you pick those out?

That’s Payne’s Grey in the middle.

Wrecking this journal 

There’s a book called Wreck This Journal.  My friend Scarlet posted a photo of the inside cover on instagram the other day, and that prompted me to look up the book.  After reading some great reviews, including one where someone poured a cup of coffee over the book in freezing temperatures, then thawed it out on a radiator after it froze outside, it was speaking to me.  So far I have dipped the book in coffee, numbered all the pages, and broke the book’s spine.  Break the spine is on page 3, I believe.  It was much harder than I expected, and it felt pretty good.

It’s very liberating writing in, and destroying this book.  I always get nice notebooks and take a long time to start using them because they’re nice and I’m dumb.  This is a great way for me to get anything out of my head, knowing that most of the book will be destroyed by the time I’m done.  It’s a lot of fun.

I’m still gonna use nice pens, but I’m not anxious to use them at all.

Real snow in the south

I feel like this happens every five years or so- real snow in the south. It’s strange. Everything gets cancelled. All stores are out of milk and bread. Milk and bread. Wouldn’t you buy something like soup? I can’t help but picture families gathered around the kitchen table to warm up from their sledding adventures, dogs huddled under the table for the chance that little Jimmy will drop some of his milk soaked bread.

Maybe they’re playing cards while reaching for another piece of bread to fold in half and dip in their glass of milk. The humans, not the dogs- I imagine dipping isn’t high on the dogs’ list of priorities.

I’m snowed in with two dogs right now, and they don’t even want to go outside. I gave them each a nice biscuit, but they haven’t even mentioned a thing about milk or bread. I played them some guitar and it seemed to calm them down, then I went to the kitchen to look for bread and milk because I felt like I should.

Then I remembered that Mo and I don’t eat gluten. Where’s the milk? Then I remembered that I don’t eat dairy. If you don’t eat gluten or dairy, being snowed in with milk and bread sounds like a total nightmare. Or the most boring cheat day.

But then I remembered xmas. Suzanne’s mom gave me a bunch of instant hot chocolates and the dirtiest book of limericks I have ever seen. Honestly I could barely find one that I could read aloud in front of her. I’m pretty sure she didn’t realize what that book contains.

Raspberry hot chocolate. I’m not a huge raspberry chocolate fan, but it’s going to great. At least it’s not milk and bread, right?