Wrecking this journal 

There’s a book called Wreck This Journal.  My friend Scarlet posted a photo of the inside cover on instagram the other day, and that prompted me to look up the book.  After reading some great reviews, including one where someone poured a cup of coffee over the book in freezing temperatures, then thawed it out on a radiator after it froze outside, it was speaking to me.  So far I have dipped the book in coffee, numbered all the pages, and broke the book’s spine.  Break the spine is on page 3, I believe.  It was much harder than I expected, and it felt pretty good.

It’s very liberating writing in, and destroying this book.  I always get nice notebooks and take a long time to start using them because they’re nice and I’m dumb.  This is a great way for me to get anything out of my head, knowing that most of the book will be destroyed by the time I’m done.  It’s a lot of fun.

I’m still gonna use nice pens, but I’m not anxious to use them at all.

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