Real snow in the south

I feel like this happens every five years or so- real snow in the south. It’s strange. Everything gets cancelled. All stores are out of milk and bread. Milk and bread. Wouldn’t you buy something like soup? I can’t help but picture families gathered around the kitchen table to warm up from their sledding adventures, dogs huddled under the table for the chance that little Jimmy will drop some of his milk soaked bread.

Maybe they’re playing cards while reaching for another piece of bread to fold in half and dip in their glass of milk. The humans, not the dogs- I imagine dipping isn’t high on the dogs’ list of priorities.

I’m snowed in with two dogs right now, and they don’t even want to go outside. I gave them each a nice biscuit, but they haven’t even mentioned a thing about milk or bread. I played them some guitar and it seemed to calm them down, then I went to the kitchen to look for bread and milk because I felt like I should.

Then I remembered that Mo and I don’t eat gluten. Where’s the milk? Then I remembered that I don’t eat dairy. If you don’t eat gluten or dairy, being snowed in with milk and bread sounds like a total nightmare. Or the most boring cheat day.

But then I remembered xmas. Suzanne’s mom gave me a bunch of instant hot chocolates and the dirtiest book of limericks I have ever seen. Honestly I could barely find one that I could read aloud in front of her. I’m pretty sure she didn’t realize what that book contains.

Raspberry hot chocolate. I’m not a huge raspberry chocolate fan, but it’s going to great. At least it’s not milk and bread, right?


Shazam. Blammo.

We had one of the best open mics I have ever hosted this week. Ever.

The bar has been closing early lately, while students are out of town for break. Two weeks ago it totally made sense. It was the week of xmas, and open mic was quite slow. But then last week it picked back up, and I had to turn a lot of people away. And there was a bunch of people drinking.

This week I decided I wouldn’t stress out about it, just contact a bunch of people who come out and ask if they were coming. A bunch of people. My question was usually met with a “not sure, why?” response.

But they showed up. Plenty of them showed up. Even Jess was in town, and it was so nice to see her.  We had a great time having dinner last night, after a really good Cold Rollers rehearsal- and I think it made my year, already, on January 4th. Reuniting. Felt great.


New Years Eve, Guided Bullshit

What a great New Years Eve so far. I was a guest on the Guided Bullshit podcast this morning. I think I met Tara a few months ago, and she told me about her podcast with her friend Jess. It sounded really cool, and we talked about me being a guest sometime.

Turns out I met Jess a while ago, but we never really talked. I got coffee from her at the little bakery downtown sometimes.

I’ve listened to a few of the podcasts now, and really enjoyed it. They’re funny. They obviously love each other, it’s apparent when they give each other shit- and impart wisdom.

So it was exciting to stop by the house and talk with two folks that I don’t really know, early morning, on the last day of 2016. Not my favorite year, by far, but this last day feels inspiring.

We talked about so much stuff, I really can’t paraphrase, nor should I. We covered a lot, and I really opened up about some things that have been going on with me over the past few months. I thought about it a lot, and decided I would be remarkably honest if I felt good about it at the time. I did. They were very nice, very understanding, and we had a real good conversation over coffee and cigarettes.

The episode will be posted on January 12th. You’ll have to wait until then for all the gory details.

Thanks again for having me. Much fun.