Shazam. Blammo.

We had one of the best open mics I have ever hosted this week. Ever.

The bar has been closing early lately, while students are out of town for break. Two weeks ago it totally made sense. It was the week of xmas, and open mic was quite slow. But then last week it picked back up, and I had to turn a lot of people away. And there was a bunch of people drinking.

This week I decided I wouldn’t stress out about it, just contact a bunch of people who come out and ask if they were coming. A bunch of people. My question was usually met with a “not sure, why?” response.

But they showed up. Plenty of them showed up. Even Jess was in town, and it was so nice to see her.  We had a great time having dinner last night, after a really good Cold Rollers rehearsal- and I think it made my year, already, on January 4th. Reuniting. Felt great.


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